The present website has taken shape during my post-doctoral studies at the Romanian Academy as the need arise to create an online platform open to all those interested in European affairs, International relations and Political science as well as related academic areas.

This academic project thus envisages to promote the European spirit and values while providing to all the parties interested a series of analyses and opinion articles written on a neutral basis, which avoids any partisan cloud on the quality of research.

By providing expertise in the field of European affairs this website shall try to stimulate public debates on European issues. Another ambition of this new platform is to become a host to and to promote studies and analyses regarding, but not limited to, Romania’s development within the European Union and ways to better exercise its attributes as a Member State.

In the end it is also a platform about Romania, chiefly about its politics presented to a foreign audience who sometimes may wander what is really happening here, at the gates of the Orient. “Que voulez-vous, nous sommes ici 
aux portes de l’Orient, où tout est pris à la légère...” (Raymond Poincaré)

About me

Mihai Sebe is currently an expert in Romanian and European Politics within several public and private organizations, providing an in-depth assistance on the way how the Romanian contemporary politics is built and functions from the perspective of past Romanian political experiences and of the current European and global context that shapes nowadays. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences in French Language and in Law he has obtained a PhD in Political Sciences at the University of Bucharest. His main areas of interest are political sciences, international relations, contemporary history of Europe and Romania, the history of the European idea as well as public law and the area of ethics, corporate social responsibility.

I am also an Associate Editor at the Romanian Journal of European Affairs the first Romanian publication to focus on European institutions, mechanisms and policies, on EU’s role as a global actor as well as on Romania’s role in an enlarged European Union.

I serve in the International Editorial Board of the Macedonian Political Science Journal e-Proceedings of Papers the only specialized journal in Republic of Macedonia in the field of political science.

Starting with 2014 I am an individual member of the Young Democrats for Europe the youth wing of the European Democratic Party and of Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, Parliamentary Group. Since then I have become a Partner Member in the YDE Team.


The views and opinions expressed in the articles published on this website are those of the author alone and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any organization he is connected to.